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1079 Squadron
Air Cadets
1079 Squadron
Air Cadets
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1079 Squadron
Tiverton Air Cadets

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Cadet Camps and Activities
Below you will find lots of photos of our cadets, past and present

Pier Cellars 13th April 2019
Canoeing at Tiverton Baisin 26th March 2019
Saunton D-Day 2019 - 15th and 16th June 2019
The Cadets had a great time up in (mostly) Sunny north Devon to Guard the vintage WWII 1940's Aircraft, after they battled the wind to land on Saunton Sands as part of the weekend long event held to celebrate the bravery of the soldiers involved in the D-Day landings.
Saturday started off at around 10am with lots of things to see including English and American camp sites as well as the arena set up to look like a Normandy Beach, we had regular songs from the Liberty Sisters, then a convoy of classic wartime vehicles rolled along the beach, shortly after 13:00 the cadets took up post along the crowd line to keep the visitors away from the planes landing strip (which was made much more spectacular by the wind direction). Once all the planes had safely landed the cadets moved into position around the craft while the pilots (including a 16-year-old Ex Cadet) answered questions.
The Aircraft Departed shortly before we got to watch a re-enactment of the beach storming with lots of gun fire and explosions.
Sunday.... well let’s just say that when the Gazebo took off and dive bombed the British Legion tent, we'd had enough!! oh and it was wet....

1079 Squadron Time Machine
Were you a cadet at 1079 Squadron? Then have a look through the following photos to see if you can spot yourself.
Keep checking back as there will be more added every week (There are 100's!!!!)
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1079 Squadron 2006!!
Jump Jump John!!
Together We Achieve
1079 Squadron Air Cadets
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