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What We Do

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We give all our cadets the chance to get up in the air with the RAF's Tutor aircraft. You'll take off with an experienced pilot who'll talk you through what he's doing, then he'll execute any acrobatics you like and maybe even hand the controls over to you for awhile.
But it's not all light airplanes. If you go away on camp you may find yourself a passenger in any of the RAF's aircraft or a local opportunity for a flight could arise.
Once you reach sixteen you can take the next step and apply for a Flying Scholarship or a Pilot Scheme. With funding available yearly it's a great way to get yourself on the road to a pilot's license or a career in the aviation industry.
We don't like to limit you to just aircraft with engines so you can also expect to go up in one of our gliders. From thirteen years old you can start a six session Gliding Induction Course which walks you though all the basics of flying a glider. Then from sixteen you can start a Gliding Scholarship to get your wings.
As an organisation we fly both powered gliders (the Vigilant) and true sailplanes (the Viking).
Weapons training is another part of our syllabus at the squadron and we have plenty to offer for both those who have never shot before and those who do it every weekend. With a range at our squadron we shoot our air rifles most months and also bring out our bolt action rifles to continue your training. Once you've had a bit of experience on those we'll move you on to the L98-A2, the cadet general purpose rifle, which you'll fire on an outdoor range.

There are four different standards of marksmanship to aspire to as well as yearly competitions to compete in.
Drill is a great example of the high standards of teamwork the ATC can inspire in you. Getting a group of just 2 people to move at exactly the same time is tough enough so imagine how it feels to be part of a group of 50 or even 100 all moving in time.
When you step out on parade in your local town, you are taking pride in yourself and your unit and paying your respects to those who have gone before you.
Being able to live in the field is a useful skill to have and one we'll teach you all about during your fieldcraft training.

Cooking in the outdoors, setting up shelters that can't be seen, and knowing what makes a good camp are all things we'll be teaching you. You'll also find out how to move in formation, evade enemy forces, and blend in with your environment. Because we all know fieldcraft isn't the same without camo cream.
First Aid training can be a lot of (messy) fun but it's also one of the most important subjects you'll learn in the ATC. Our aim is to teach you enough about basic life-saving that you could preserve life in a emergency.

We start with the BHS's Heartstart qualification and then offer a full Youth First Aid and an Activity First Aid qualification to hone your skills. We practise scenarios at the squadron and sometimes incorporate first aid into our outdoor exercises. You can even compete against other cadets in Devon & Somerset in competitions
The Duke of Edinburgh scheme is a great opportunity to get out adventuring and helping out in your local community. We organise expeditions yearly to help you complete your award and also assist with your volunteering, physical, and skill sections. You pick your own projects and goals and we support you in achieving them.

We also offer two BTEC qualifications, one in Music and one in Public Services, both available from 16. Again we will help you with completing your awards and full qualifications are worth multiple GCSEs.
Upcoming Events 2019
Below you will find all the upcoming events and important dates in the Cadet calander

Saturday 2nd November - Flying
Cancelled due to High winds

-  1079 Squadron  -
Saturday 9th November - Poppy Appeal.
Air Cadets are required to be posted around the town on Saturday to collect for the Poppy Appeal

-  1079 Squadron  -
Sunday 10th November - Remembrance Parade
10:15 - 13:00

The anual remembrance day Parade.
It is expected that as many of our active cadets attend this event as possible.

-  1079 Squadron  -
Sunday 8th December 2019 - Shooting
09:00 - 13:00 & 13:30 - 17:00

Shooting at the Squadron

-  1079 Squadron  -
27th June 2020 - Armed Forces Parade
11:00 - 13:00

More details to follow

-  1079 Squadron  -
Together We Achieve
1079 Squadron Air Cadets
Cadet Centre, King Street,
Tiverton, Devon
EX16 5JJ
Phone: 01884 250411

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